About us

E&M SILVER DESIGN is a family business that has a significant place in the jewellery industry. Our passion is designing and production of silver and gold jewellery. In addition, we also sell AgNi10 silver wires in various sizes. Our clients are both individual customers and large companies throughout the world. We are characterized by excellent quality and vast experience. Employees preparing your orders are specialists who can meet the most sophisticated requirements and fulfill every, even the most demanding desires of our customers. We heartily invite You to cooperation. Choosing our company, you put accent on style, elegance and diligently performed work. We are worth to rely on, as we are industrious people, with extensive experience in craft. We learned from the best, and we want to continue this exactness and ingenuity in creating designs, to obtain irreproachable product quality, thereby - customer satisfaction - the most important people without whom our activities would not make sense, as we create our jewellery only for them.

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